Fingerprint of the Universe's First Stars Might Lie Near a Black Hole

By Aazam

October 06, 2022

Scientists may have found evidence of the first stars of universe, also known as Population III stars, lurking in a distant quasar

It could take about 100 million years for the very first stars to appear, and they enlarge to catch the light monsters

According to the Experts, these stellar ancestors were so totally huge that they made the sun look like a weak yellow pom-pom

These extreme bodies died, their supernovas could have been to standard star detonations  nuclear bombs are to backyard fireworks

James Webb Space Telescope of NASA will have remarkable barriers to finding them, in spite of being built for the job

According to the new paper, people have clear proof that Population III stars, aka the massive orbs that presented the universe with its first, electrifying starlight

They used the powerfUL TOOLS to collect data about another extreme marvel of the cosmos: a quasar born just 700 million years post-Big Bang