Experts say Target to Venus not Mars for first Crewed Mission

By Aazam

September 28, 2022

However, a panel of experts say that our other nearest neighbor, instead of Mars, should be the target for a crewed mission to another planet

Venus is the closest planet, which makes a return mission easy in a year, compared to a three-year round trip to Mars

The International Astronautical Congress (IAC) in Paris discloses that A flyby could be valuable and could provide crucial experience of a long deep-space mission as a precursor to visiting Mars

Venus gets a bad experience because the environment of Venus is a very herculean task for humans

Although the planet is in the wrong direction, that is why it helps to reduce the travel time and the fuel which is required to get to the red planet

The scientists want to understand the mystery of Venus, it is so similar to our own in size, mass and distance from the sun

The astronauts can  observe active volcanoes Venus and search for signs of past water and ancient life