Elon Musk Posts Dramatic Video of Death Dive of Falcon 9 Rocket

By Aazam

The Starlink satellite view gives a wild perspective on the rocket's final moves

SpaceX is launching so many Falcon 9 rocket missions, they're practically routine at this point

On Thursday, SpaceX founder Elon Musk took a remarkable look at the Falcon 9 second-stage deorbit burn

It's not the highest-resolution view, but what's remarkable about the image, video is that they came from the perspective of the Starlink satellite

Look at the string of satellites floating in space and look for a small white object near the upper right corner

At first, it seems to be floating there, then it shoots the hell out like a bat on the right

The Falcon 9 - SpaceX's workhorse rocket responsible for launching both satellites and astronauts - uses two stages

The second stage is doomed to eventually burn up in Earth's atmosphere. The deorbit barn puts it in a position to safely dispose of itself