Elon Musk Fantasizes About Passing away on Mars; He may Suddenly be One,,,,

By Aazam

Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX, suggested that he might be among the first people to colonize Mars

However, his spaceship must first accomplish its first orbital journey before that can happen

Elon Musk is already daydreaming of setting off on his first trip to Mars before SpaceX's Starship successfully completes its first orbital flight

The forward-thinking CEO told the Financial Times that once their youngest children are older, he may see himself taking part in a colonisation mission to the Red Planet

He declared in an interview that was released on Friday, "Especially if I'm getting older, I will

Musk used X A-12, a Canadian musician, to quote his little son

He is not yet prepared to travel to Earth's neighbour because of this

I think there's a non-trivial probability of dying, so when I'm a little older, I'd love to take that chance and watch my kids grow up, he said

For years, Musk has imagined dying on Mars—"just not on impact," as he phrased it almost ten years ago

usk thinks that if ships from Earth are filled with essential supplies and resources, life at Mars' surface won't be able to support itself