Earth's Nearest Black Hole Discovered by Astronomers

By Aazam

According to a recent study, the nearest black hole discovered so far is only 1,560 light-years away from Earth.

The black hole, known as Gaia BH1, orbits a sun-like star and has a mass roughly ten times that of the sun.

This black hole is about 1,500 light-years away. There are probably others that are closer

This gas gathers into a disK around the black hole and emits a brilliant X-ray light.

The tranquil black holes that are not in the middle of a meal are much more common, and they are what astronomers have been looking for for decades.

Even though a star is orbiting a black hole at a safe distance, it will still be pulled back and forth by the gravity of the object.

There are reportedly 100 million black holes in the Milky Way, but almost all of them are invisible, according to astronomers.

El-Badry anticipates that the following Gaia data release, which is scheduled for 2025, will include more black hole rewards.