Collision of the Double Asteroid Redirection Test spacecraft and Dimorphous

By Aazam

September 27, 2022

NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test spacecraft, or DART, is installed to collide with Dimorphous

This collision will occur from a long distance from earth and  NASA  launched DART last year to test a technique that would be used for one day for planetary defense

Congress does not allocate too much money to  NASA to perform that task, that is why more than half are unfinished

The mission is a proof-of-principle demonstration that hitting an oncoming asteroid with a projectile can nudge it into a different orbit

DART will be a suicidal spacecraft, beacuse it will demolish by self drive at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory in Maryland largely just spectators

The Camera of Dart will not mark Dimorphous as a separate dot from Didymos unless an hour before the crash

DART and Dimorphous  will planned to connect, the small asteroid’s orbit will get closer to the larger Didymos