Chinese Mystery Plane releases Object in Orbit based on US Space Force Data

By Aazam

According to American officials, space surveillance data discovered a second item in the same orbit as the Chinese ship, the nature of which is still unclear.

According to Orbital Focus, the 18th Space Defense Squadron of the U.S. The Space Force found the object quite close to the Chinese craft at less than 200 meters.

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence was only able to resolve half of the 366 unidentified flying object reports that were made in 2021, demonstrating the ongoing difficulty the U.S. government has in identifying flying objects.

Josh Boswell, a senior reporter for the Daily Mail, said on Tucker Carlson that Chinese drones may be to responsible for a significant part of those unexplained cases

According to Boswell, who cited official sources, "these things are moving in ways that we just don't understand, so they just have no idea about the unexplained ones

David Thompson warned that "threats are truly developing and expanding every single day" due to China's space technology advances.

According to Thompson, there have been an undefined number of strikes against American space-based assets that have caused "reversible" harm but could become more serious in the future.

China's new systems still need some work to iron out certain kinks: When a 21-ton Chinese rocket was expected to crash near Spain, it actually came down off the coast of Mexico instead.