China wants to Launch investigate Uranus and Jupiter with One Rocket

By Aazam

China has invested money to make plans to launch a pair of spacecraft around Jupiter and Uranus around 2030

The Tianwen 4  mission was installed to see larger changes for Jupiter and smaller spacecraft to be installed to make a flyby of distant Uranus

The main spacecraft will investigate the Jupiter system and it will enter orbit around the moon Callisto for a whole investigation of the outermost of the Galilean moons.

The smaller spacecraft have a mass a few hundred kilograms which will make the longer voyage to Uranus

China has launched an independent interplanetary mission in 2020 andchiona will be sending the Tianwen 1 orbiter and Zhurong rover to Mars

Tianwen 3 will be a complex, herculean task and dual-launch however Mars is a sample return mission which may be  launched in 2028

The missions have a plan to build an International Lunar Research Station in 2030 the main objective behind this to promote and utilization of human resources to create a new pattern