Bubble Found Zipping around Black Hole with Mind Blowing Velocity

By Aazam

Its orbit is similar in size to that of Mercury, but it is traveling at 30% the speed of light

In May, the Event Horizon Telescope collaboration shocked the world when it released an image that appears to be a French crawler on fire

From Earth's vantage point, about 27,000 light-years away from this black hole, astronomers are watching closely and studying the void

They say this spot appears dim and bright when traveling clockwise around Sgr A

We think we're looking at a hot bubble of gas around Sagittarius A* in a similar orbit to Mercury, making a complete loop in 70 minutes

For reference, Mercury takes 88 Earth days to make one orbit around the Sun

At about 29 miles per second, this egg-shaped orbit is considered the fastest planet

"This requires a brain moving at about 30% of the speed of light," Vilgas said

Researchers believe that the bubble's orbit sits at a distance from the void known as the black hole's event horizon

It symbolizes the firm boundary between our visible universe and what is inside the animal. That is the event horizon