British Film Executive who wants to send Tom Cruise to Space

By Aazam

She is the first British woman to head a significant American film company, serving as chairman of Universal Filmed Entertainment Group.

Langley has steered Universal through a pandemic and the rise of streaming platforms

The movie plot Cruise and filmmaker Doug Liman pitched to her on Zoom during the epidemic "takes place on earth, and then the character must go to space to rescue the day

In an interview for BBC Radio 4's The Media Show, she says picking movie pitches is gut instinct.

Her USP is that she learned early on to create pictures for a specific audience, often individuals Hollywood neglected.

She promoted Straight Outta Compton, a movie that made $201 million at international box offices and chronicled the rise of the hip-hop group NWA

She championed Mamma Mia while others weren't. The Abba-inspired film made $600m worldwide.

Langley said In the early 1990s, she didn't envision a future for herself in the UK and didn't know she'd work in movies.

She attributed her achievement to "delusional self-belief" and hard work, even though Hollywood wasn't supportive "You needed chutzpah for the faint-hearted

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