Behold! Europa, Jupiter's Ocean Moon, has been Visible to Us for 22 Years.

By Aazam

The sixth-largest moon in the solar system, Europa, contains a sizable ocean below its frozen surface

A rare up-close view of an icy world has been captured by NASA's Jupiter-observing probe

On Thursday, the Juno spacecraft made its first close approach to Jupiter's ice moon Europa in 22 years (Sept. 29)

This offers the greatest view of the ocean in the entire world since NASA's Galileo spacecraft launched in 2000

One of just three close-up views of the ice Earth, the two-hour flyover was only 219 miles (352 kilometers) above the surface of Europe

The primary scientific objective of Europa Clipper is to ascertain whether there are any potential habitats for life beneath Europa's surface. Europa Clipper will examine the Moon's atmosphere, surface, and interior

Europa is comparable in size to Earth's moon and is the sixth biggest moon in the Solar System

If the mission is able to survive the harsh radiation belt near Jupiter, flybys of the eruptive Jovian moon Io are anticipated in 2023 and 2024