At the Peoria Riverfront Museum, Mars makes a Major Premiere.

By Aazam

October 08, 2022

While it is still too early to travel to Mars, you may experience the closest thing at the Peoria Riverfront Museum

An all-new Mars display is being unveiled by the museum. The exhibition's focal point is a 10-foot-diameter Mars replica made by British artist Luke Jerram

Rene Kerrigan, director of the planetarium, stated, "It's incredibly lifelike." And you may inspect the planet in exquisite detail while watching it float in the sky from the gallery

According to Kerrigan, Jerome used high-resolution images from the High Rise camera on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter to create the model

Sheldon Schaefer, a previous director of the planetarium, and his wife Mary Ann financed the model

As a child, Schaefer claimed that he had a fantasy of visiting Mars, and the planet still serves as an inspiration to him

Some of these children, in contrast to my generation, will belong to the Mars generation. And this is a chance," he added

So, "hey, if we can encourage the next generation to go to Mars, great

Full-scale replicas of the original Mars rovers, popular culture items, remote-controlled robots, and an augmented reality Martian landscape are also on display