Astronauts have shared images of Soyuz launch

By Aazam

From Kazakhstan After a successful launch of the Russian Soyuz spacecraft now ISS has received three new residents

Frank Rubio from America and Russian cosmonauts Sergey Prokopyev and Dmitri Petelin were the two passengers who traveled on the Soyuz spacecraft

A new crew swap agreement has been signed between the United States and Russia

Under the barter agreement, cosmonaut Anna Kikina from Russian will travel on a SpaceX rocket to the space station as a member of the Crew-5 mission

SpaceX started flying station crew from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida in 2020, NASA astronauts used the Russian Soyuz rockets to launch

According to the AP, the last time a Russian launched from Florida was over 30 years ago

Kikina will fly to the space station before October 3, along with Japanese astronauts and two American astronauts