Astronaut Photo Shows Strange Blue-Blobs in Earth's Atmosphere,,,,,,

By Aazam

October 19, 2022

Recently, an astronaut on board the International Space Station (ISS) obtained a strange image of Earth showing two unrelated blue light blobs blazing in the planet's atmosphere

The gorgeous couple may appear unearthly. However, they were actually caused by two unconnected natural events that just so happened to occur at the same moment

An unidentified member of the Expedition 66 crew took the picture last year while the ISS flew over the South China Sea

A large lightning strike occurred somewhere in the Gulf of Thailand, as evidenced by the initial blob of light that can be seen at the bottom of the photograph

Clouds frequently obscure lightning strikes, making them difficult to detect from the International Space Station

The second blue blob, visible in the image's upper right corner, is the consequence of moonlight that has been twisted

According to Earth Observatory, this effect is brought on by some of the moonlight diffracting off of microscopic particles in the atmosphere

The wavelengths of various visible light colors vary, which has an impact on how well they interact with air particles

The moon seems blue in this photograph because blue light scatters the greatest because it has the shortest wavelength

Vietnam and Hainan Island, the southernmost province of China, are the other notable sources of light pollution in the photograph, however these light sources are generally hidden by clouds