Asteroid Slams Captured with Striking Clarity by Space Telescopes

By Aazam

October 12, 2022

Cape Canaveral, Fla. The world now has stunning new photos of this week's asteroid strike, the first of its kind planetary defense test

Images of the dramatic event were released by the Hubble and Webb Space Telescopes on Thursday by NASA

A few hours later, SpaceX announced at NASA that they were studying the feasibility of sending a private mission to Hubble

Telescopes on seven continents slammed Monday in hopes of turning their orbit into a harmless space rock 7 million miles from Earth

The demo results are expected to instill confidence in using the technology if a killer asteroid comes our way one day

"This is an unprecedented view of an unprecedented event," planetary astronomer and mission leader Andy Rivkin said in a statement

The spacecraft was built and managed by Johns Hopkins's Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel, Maryland

Pennsylvania tech entrepreneur Jared Isaacman said the Hubble mission, if approved, would fit well into his planned series of spaceflights

"We're working on crazy ideas all the time," Thomas Zurbuchen, NASA's science mission chief, told reporters. "To be honest, that's what we have to do