By Aazam

According to Physicists, Wormholes may Already have been Detected

It's possible that these mythical creatures of physics have previously been observed since hypothetical tunnels linking far-off areas of space might resemble standard black holes more or less.

There may still be a method to distinguish them if a new model proposed by a small group of physicists from Sofia University in Bulgaria is true.

These glowing hills would avoid anything that got near, maybe belching forth torrents of particles and radiation that had no chance of ever turning back, unlike their black relatives.

Aside from the strong chance that the Big Bang resembles one of these "white holes," nothing comparable has ever been seen.

Such a theoretical link may travel across enormous areas of the cosmos since this area of physics defies our expectations of space and time.

It could even be possible for matter to go through this cosmic tube with its information mostly intact under the correct conditions.

It turns out that a normal wormhole's heated lips would be difficult to discern from the polarized light released by the swirling chaos disc around a black hole.

Further constraints on wormhole physics might provide new avenues for researching general relativity and wave and particle physics.