A Well-Known Telescope Captured the results of NASA's Successful,,,,,

By Aazam

October 04, 2022

Although NASA's DART mission to collide with an asteroid was successful, onlookers were unable to witness the impact's aftereffects

Since the asteroid Dimorphism was the final object the spacecraft spotted, it was extremely close

Fortunately, following the historic collision, two well-known telescopes observed and recorded the event

According to NASA, on Monday night, the Hubble and James Webb space telescopes conducted their initial views of the same celestial object

Webb and Hubble have successfully photographed a single target in the cosmos for the first time

an asteroid that traveled seven million miles before being struck by a spaceship

We at NASA have always recognised what Webb and Hubble demonstrate: collaboration leads to greater learning

With its near-infrared sensor, the James Webb Telescope has captured numerous stunning images of our solar system and the cosmos. But due to its mobility in space, Dimorphous proved difficult to photograph

The telescope's development team was able to improve its asteroid tracking capabilities

Before and after the crash, the telescope was able to capture numerous images that revealed "piles of material" pouring away from the asteroid's centre

Additionally, the asteroid was captured by the Hubble Space Telescope both before and after the collision

Eight hours after the explosion, images from telescopes showed that Dimorphous seemed three times brighter