A Spectacular rare partial solar eclipse is set to take place

By Aazam

Total solar eclipses, which is when the moon comes directly between the sun and Earth, are only seen every 400 years from any one place on the surface of our planet

The last one visible in the UK was back in 1999, with the South West - Cornwall in particular - experiencing the most spectacular view in the country

The partial eclipse is also expected to be seen in other parts of Europe as well as in Asia, north Africa and the Middle East, although visibility will depend on cloud cover

The maximum effect is expected to be seen in the UK at about 11am, according to its calculations, although NASA's calculator predicts 10am will be the peak time

The next solar eclipse is expected to be visible in parts of Asia, Australia, the Pacific, Indian Ocean and Antarctica, on April 20, 2023

an 'annular' solar eclipse on October 14, 2023, which will cross North and South America

It will be a hybrid solar eclipse, which is a rare astronomical event that evolves in appearance as the Moon's shadow moves