A potentially Dangerous Asteroid the size of a Skyscraper will zip through Earth's Orbit

By Aazam

NASA says a newly discovered, "possibly hazardous" asteroid almost the size of the world's tallest skyscraper will pass Earth just in time for Halloween

NASA estimates it will pass Earth at 52,500 mph, 68 times the speed of sound

On Nov. 1, the asteroid will approach Earth at 1.43 million miles, six times the moon's typical distance

NASA considers big bodies within 4.65 million miles of Earth as "possibly hazardous" and "near-Earth objects" within 120 million miles

ATLAS has found over 700 near-Earth asteroids and 66 comets since its 2017 launch.

All of the near-Earth objects' projected trajectories to the end of the century have been calculated by NASA.

NASA says Earth is safe from apocalyptic asteroid collisions for at least 100 years

Fireballs damaged buildings, smashed windows, and injured 1,500 individuals in the 2013 incident

Asteroid-redirect mission may already be in the early planning phases, according to China

In Earth's first planetary defense system test on Sept. 26, the Double Asteroid Redirection Test spacecraft rammed the non-hazardous asteroid Dimorphous, changing its orbit by 32 minutes

Spire to Build Space Situational Awareness Satellites for NorthStar