9 Cars and SUVs You Really Shouldn’t Buy

By Aazam

Carbuzz : Not all cars are created equal, and there are those that are simply not worth your money. Here’s a simple no-to-do LIst when it comes to car shopping in 2022.

Cadillac XT6 : The caddy XT6 is a prime example of the proverb "don't judge a book by its cover." Although it has a commanding and modern appearance, the inside is not consistent with this. Instead, the cabin is poorly constructed and the material selection is at best dubious. The SUV also suffers from a weak four-cylinder engine and an unpolished V6. We anticipate more for a starting price of $50,000.

Mini JCW Convertible :When a car with the John Cooper Works badge fails to deliver, it is an utter disaster since that name is connected with performance and pleasure. The JCW Convertible's preference for aesthetics above substance is mostly to blame for its shortcomings. Drop-tops harm a vehicle's aerodynamic profile and structural strength, and the Mini simply does not have enough space to spare. On top of everything else, it seems too rough when driving.

GMC Terrain : In our 2022 assessment of the GMC Terrain, we noted that the "soft-roader market is booming right now, and GMC is ideally set to sneak into it with the already properly titled Terrain."

Subaru Impreza Sedan : It's still a fantastic family vehicle today, but it's barely a passable daily driver now, and the joy is sapped by a weak engine and a "whiny, dimwitted CVT auto. The Mazda 3 has AWD and turbo power whereas the Impreza is currently just an engine, a transmission, and an infotainment system away from greatness.

Infiniti QX80 : The Nissan Armada, which is more affordable and superior, served as the QX80's inspiration, which is fantastic news. We advise that if you're pressed for time.

Jeep Renegade : As a result, the Renegade is a case of style above substance, much like the Mini JCW Convertible. Unfortunately, the pricey Fiat 500X on which it is built makes it difficult to recommend above the Renegade

Mitsubishi Mirage : The Mitsubishi Mirage is a small hatchback with a starting price of $16,245 with competition from the Chevrolet Spark and Kia Rio.