5 Surprising Household Uses for Aspirin in USA According to Expert

By Aazam

Experts claim that aspirin has a lot more uses, including aiding with household cleaning and removing troublesome laundry stains.

With just a few aspirin pills, those annoying brown spots might be history because rust is broken down by an acid in aspirin

Toby Schulz, CEO and co-founder of Maid2Match, adds that after the aspirin tablets are crushed, the powder is sufficiently abrasive to scrub the mark away entirely.

If you run out of cleaner throughout your routine, dissolve two aspirin pills in water "Cleaning Green LLC expert Alicia Johnson.

Jen Stark, CEO of Happy DIY Home, says aspirin acid stimulates plants' immune systems to fight sickness and develop.

Crush two aspirins and combine with water to make a stain remover paste "Silent Maids founder and CEO Dorian Alves.

"Crush a couple aspirin pills and add water to make a paste for a simple treatment," explains Ana Andres, cleaning expert and co-founder of TidyChoice

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