3D- Print Tools on Mars would be made by Astronauts

September 20, 2022

By Aazam

The breakthrough means that future missions will be able to print essentials for repairs such as spare parts for rockets

It costs $ 54000 to put just one kilogram of material into the earth orbit

researchers at Washington State University in the US believe 3D-printing is the burgeoning field that could be the answer to make space travel cheaper and easier

The team discovered small amounts of simulated crushed Martian rock, mixed with titanium alloy, making a strong, high-performance material that could be used to make tools and rocket parts on the red planet

They made tools using between 5% and 100% Martian regolith, a black powdery substance intended to imitate the rocky, inorganic material on Mars’ surface that could be collected by a robotic arm or rover

A high-powered laser shot through the materials to get them up to 2,000 degrees Celsius

The melted mixture flowed into a moving platform where researchers could create it into varying sizes and shapes