Introduces $20k Widebody Kit For C8 Corvette from Liberty Walk.

Introduces $20k Widebody Kit For C8 Corvette from Liberty Walk

Here’s a fix if you think the Corvette is too narrow.

Liberty Walk, a tuning business well-known for its ultra-wide body modifications, frequently focuses on Japanese automobiles. Nevertheless, it made the decision to enter a C8 as one of its SEMA rivals this year, and it ended up winning the competition. The LB-Silhouette is a similar kit that you may purchase even though this particular automobile is unique.

The mid-engine supercar-killer C8 Corvette is a stunning beast that leaves the GM factory floor looking tough and slim, yet some have criticised this American exotic for being too narrow.

For this car, there are already a lot of widebody kits available, but Liberty Walk nails the broad appearance the best. The dramatically flared wheel arches on this one-of-a-kind Corvette are undoubtedly the star of the show despite the intimidating Gray colour scheme and elegant black highlights.

With a huge front splitter and a new bumper, the front end also receives an upgrade. There are several noticeable aero creases on the hood.

Introduces $20k Widebody Kit For C8 Corvette from Liberty Walk

From the side, the automobile is noticeably different from the norm: the front bumper effortlessly blends into the front fenders, and the side sills appear large enough for a plane to land on. This C8 gets a massive rear wing and a more aggressive diffuser layout in the back.

In the event that some of you feel that this is going too far in the opposite direction, we advise a Z06 with the Z07 Package. Although it includes a fixed rear wing, side dive planes, and an expanded front splitter, it is much more subdued than Liberty Walk’s attempt.

A set of five-spoke alloy wheels and a lowering package that lowers this Corvette to the floor complete the appearance.

Introduces $20k Widebody Kit For C8 Corvette from Liberty Walk

The car has sponsor stickers all over it, giving it a tuner look from the early 2000s that might be divisive. There is no information on engine modifications, therefore we assume the 6.2-liter naturally aspirated engine is still in its original configuration.

Its 0-60 mph time is approximately three seconds, and it produces 490 horsepower and 495 lb-ft of torque. This widebody, lowered ‘Vette boasts these specifications. That enormous wing has surely decreased the vehicle’s top speed of 194 mph.

If you want the LB-Silhouette kit in reinforced plastic, it costs $19,580, and if you want it in carbon-reinforced plastic, it costs $21,780. These prices do not include Japanese shipping fees.

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