A Sherlock Holmes Game Changer is the biggest Easter Egg in Enola Holmes 2.

The biggest surprise in the new Netflix mystery gives a whole new perspective to all of the Sherlock Holmes and Enola Holmes books.

Biggest Enola Holmes 2 Easter Egg Changes the Game for Sherlock Holmes

The post-credits scene that ties Nancy Springer’s books to the classic Holmes canon isn’t the biggest shock in Enola Holmes 2. Yes, there is a delightful surprise cameo at the end that will please all kinds of Sherlockian aficionados. But before that happens, at the dramatic conclusion of the film, we meet yet another well-known Sherlock Holmes figure. But this time, the person in question is posing as a completely different character.

The Easter Egg in Enola Holmes 2 That Alters Everything.

Both Sherlock and Enola (Henry Cavill and Millie Bobby Brown) spend the whole of the second Enola Holmes movie battling a corruption mystery. Enola is focused on the very real Matchgirls’ Strike of 1888, whilst Sherlock is investigating a money-laundering scam run by a mystery bad guy known only as “Moriarty.” These two incidents are connected, as we discover toward the middle of the movie. While Enola and Sherlock expose Superintendent Grail’s (David Thewlis) corruption, it turns out that the real villain has been present the entire time.

Miss Mira Troy, played superbly by Sharon Duncan-Brewster, is Lord McIntyre’s (Tim McMullen) assistant, but she actually goes by the name of Moriarty!

This information is the second Easter egg involving double identité in the movie. Hannah Dodd’s portrayal of Sarah Chapman as “Cicely” alludes to the second Nancy Springer novel The Case of the Left-Handed Lady, in which Enola attempts to track down a missing person named “Lady Cecily Alistair.” Despite the fact that Enola Holmes 2 is very different from the second Enola Holmes book, there is an intriguing connection between the two. The information that Mira Troy is actually Moriarty further supports this. The Netflix movie’s canon and the original stories penned by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in the late 19th and early 20th centuries are connected in both cases.

Biggest Enola Holmes 2 Easter Egg Changes the Game for Sherlock Holmes

Despite dominating the imaginations of many Sherlock Holmes fans, Moriarty only made an appearance in two of the canonical Holmes tales: “The Final Problem” (1893) and the prequel novel The Valley of Fear (1915). In essence, Moriarty was retroactively shown to have been hidden from view ever since his first appearance. Doyle intended to invent a villain who could defeat Holmes in real life, primarily so he could kill off Holmes and cease creating stories about him.

Therefore, almost all of the Moriarty adaptations—from Andrew Scott’s in the BBC series Sherlock to Jared Harris’ in Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows—tend to be superior to the original. Additionally, Moriarty frequently serves as a front for another character. Spoiler alert! Irene Adler, another Holmes character, was initially shown as Natalie Dormer’s Jamie Moriarty in Elementary. So, although though Sharon Duncan-portrayal Brewster’s of a female Moriarty in a Sherlock Holmes movie is undoubtedly novel for this Victorian era, she is not the first female Moriarty to appear on screen.

The new Moriarty in Enola Holmes 2 does, however, have a stronger connection to the feminism-centered topics in the Nancy Springer books: In Victorian England, women were not given the same rights as males and were frequently disregarded. Enola uses some of the sexism as a weapon to become an invisible detective and take advantage of the fact that men might not take her seriously.

And right now, this Moriarty is acting exactly the same way. This implies that the new Sharon Duncan-Brewster Moriarty may be the one we’re pulling for the most out of all the Holmes supervillains depicted in movies and television, especially when she faces off against the consistently haughty investigator from 221B Baker Street.

It begs the issue of how Moriarty’s conflict with Sherlock or Enola will develop in the future.
Netflix is now streaming Enola Holmes 2.

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